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Eden Prairie Women of Today (EPWT) 2018 Fresh Start 5K is held annually on January 1st at 11:00am at Purgatory Creek Park. We'd like to invite you and your families/friends to register for our event to start the year out with a friendly walk/run/jog in Eden Prairie!

The proceeds to our race will benefit students in our community in two ways:

1) EPWT gives a college scholarship to a student annually (either $1000 or $1500, depending on how much the race raises). Students apply to our Fresh Start Youth Scholarship and eligible students are any 10th - 12th grade students who attend EPHS, a charter school located in Eden Prairie, or is a student who is home-schooled in Eden Prairie. Our scholarship recipient is chosen from qualities we hold dear in Women of Today, which are Community Service, Personal Growth & Leadership Opportunities taken, and is not dependent on the student's GPA. This scholarship is available in mid-January through either the schools in Eden Prairie or on our website:

2) EPWT has chosen to also donate however much possible (above the scholarship amount) to the PROP Youth Scholarship Fund. PROP youth scholarships help pay for after-school activities for children in needy families and activities such as sports, theater, swimming lessons, driver’s education, STEM enrichment classes, and more. The amount of scholarship varies, but recipients are children 18 or younger, low-income, and having exhausted other fee-assistance programs.

Our goal this year is to raise enough to give away one $1500 Fresh Start Youth Scholarship and donate as much as possible to the PROP Youth Scholarship Fund (any funds over the scholarship amount)!

We would LOVE to have your students, their families and friends, and any other organizations you can think of to register for our race! Click here for our registration page:

If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at


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