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Chapter Newsletters
The Women of Today utilize a variety of forms to improve communication, share ideas, and manage the organization. The following are some of the most commonly used forms, which can be downloaded, completed, and submitted to the appropriate person for consideration. Additional forms can be found on the Minnesota or United States Women of Today web site.

Member Application - Anyone interested in becoming a member of the Eden Prairie Women of Today should complete this form and submit their dues to the Chapter Treasurer. Dues are paid on an annual basis and entitle the member to a nametag, the chapter newsletter, membership insurance (State requirement), and a subscription to Newslet (quarterly Minnesota Women of Today newsletter).

Zoot Note Submission Form - Use this form to submit a Zoot Note to our chapter newsletter.

Minutes Outline (PDF Format) or Minutes Outline (Word Format) - Use this form to take notes at our general membership meetings.

Local Program Managers' Report - Local Program Managers complete this form on a quarterly basis for their respective areas. The LPM can complete the form online and print the document for mailing or save the file to their computer for electronic distribution to the State Delegate and District Programming Manager.

Presidential Pin Nomination - The Presidential Pin is awarded to members based on outstanding performance. This form can be completed and electronically submitted to the State President for consideration. If the nominee is chosen as a recipient, they will receive their award at convention.

Presidential Medallion - This prestigious award is given to Chapter Presidents, State Delegates, and District Directors. If you feel the people in these roles have done an outstanding job you can submit this form to the State President for consideration. If the nominee is chosen, they will receive an award at convention and be invited to attend a party with the current and past State Presidents.

Project Report (PDF Format) or Project Report (Word Format) - Please fill out this form and bring at least three copies to the meeting when you plan to give your project report. We will use this form for the minutes as well as the chapter's record of projects.

Motion Slips - Please fill out this form and bring to the meeting when you plan to make a motion. We will also have some available at each meeting.

Check Requisition Form - Fill out this form and give to the treasurer to be reimbursed for any expenses related to a project.

Chapter Cash Donation Voucher Form - Use this form whenever EPWT donates money from our chapter's bank account (not an individual's bank account) in order to make sure the donation is recorded by the Treasurer and is sent to the recipient. This would apply to any motions made and passed during a chapter meeting or approved by our annual budget. This form is only used for cash donations made by EPWT.

Other Useful Information
Chapter By Laws and Policies - This is a copy of the most recent by-laws and policies.

District 11 By Laws and Policies - This is a copy of the District 11 by-laws and policies.

Eden Prairie Women of Today Flyer Option 1, Option 2, and Option 3 (Word Format) - Use these flyers to promote the Eden Prairie Women of Today. Please feel free to print and post around your neigborhood.

Eden Prairie Women of Today Brochure - This the brochure for the Eden Prairie Women of Today. Please feel free to print and post around your neigborhood or give to women who may be interested.

Press Release Template - Use this to submit a press release to the local paper. Click here for Word version.

Officer Position Descriptions - This describes each of the officer positions and their role in the chapter.

Women of Today Award Listing - This is a list of awards available to members of the Women of Today. Any member can submit another member for most awards. See list for details.

Co-Chair Checklist - This document contains a checklist to help you when you chair or co-chair a project.

Women of Today Programming Areas - List of all programming areas that the MN Women of Today participates in. Includes details about each programming area as well.

Women of Today Glossary and Common Acronyms - Great resource when you want to know more about the common words and abbreviations we use in the Women of Today.

How to Make an Evite - Click the link for instructions on how to create an Evite for any event.

Ongoing Fundraiser - Check out the Current Fundraising catalog and place an order anytime. Our chapter receives a check quarterly for all orders placed. When you checkout, please select Minnesota as the state and Eden Prairie Women of Today as the organization.

Page of Links - This page contains a variety of links with information for members.

Monthly Meeting Minutes - Link to all our online versions of our monthly meeting minutes.


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